Mr. El Khoury has proven to be a reliable legal consultant on human rights, a valuable source of information on legal issues and procedures, and demonstrated having outstanding work ethics.


The Mexican Embassy is proud and confident to recommend him to carry on similar work.

Amb. Jorge Alvarez Fuentes
Mexican Ambassador to Lebanon


                                                                                                                                                                                March 12, 2015

During the contract period CENTRAL RESEARCH HOUSE management  proved to be sensitive and committed to the assignement's requirements, and demonstrated outstanding working ethics.


The Lebanon Renaissance Foundation was satisfied with the results provided by CENTRAL RESEARCH HOUSE, and would not hesitate to recommending its servicesfor similar work.

Charles El-Hage                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


Lebanon Renaissance Foundation



We are completely satisfied with the work achieved by Mr. El-Khoury: not only did he resort to legal references and literature; he also expanded the manual after consulting with us. His detailed analysis of social, religious and cultural norms and their impact on the legal sphere was very insightful and valuable. It proved helpful in reaching the targeted audience and lobbying them.


Based on our positive experience with Mr. El-Khoury we would recommend him for similar consultancies and work

Brigitte Chelebian
Justice Withouth Frontiers

"Mr. El Khoury has been an ongoing consulting resource within ABAAD since it was found in 2011. Mr. Khoury worked with ABAAD as a professional consultant on content development. He used to join in at a very busy and critical time. He was able to quickly understand the objectives and priorities and make positive, quality contributions to ABAAD publications.

Mr. El Khoury is a great person to work with, bringing expert knowledge, integrity and a very easy to work with approach. In each of our engagements with Mr. Khoury, we were able to collaborate very effectively on the projects. In particular, we were very impressed with the way Mr. El Khoury carried out his work, from analysis to documentation and post-production support (editing and translation). He has the rare ability to be able to effectively communicate, and to attend to fine points with his eagle eye to details, and this was definitely an asset within ABAAD."

Ghida Anani
Founder & Director



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